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The challenge

Large and mid-sized UK manufacturing companies are mostly powerful and globally competitive…and don’t need help.

Nearly all manufacturing companies are small…with under 100 employees. They have no power and struggle to make decent profits.

After a 35 year career working in successful manufacturing companies… including 10 years as a Managing Director in difficult sectors…I was asked to help with SME growth and innovation. I discovered the business fundamentals were the same…but small companies didn’t have the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events.

I thought they needed help…so I decided to become a consultant and help them.

The first thing I found was that most said they didn’t want help…and then I found that traditional consultancy didn’t work.

I was faced with a view that consultants were ineffective and costly…and low levels of knowledge, high levels of inertia, and comfort with the status quo in companies.

I was convinced they could all be more successful…but a different solution was needed. A solution a small manufacturing company would want…could afford…and would work.

I spent 5 years developing the SMC Power Process specifically for small manufacturing companies.

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