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A solution

Most small manufacturing companies…SMCs…don’t have a Strategy.

Most aren’t good at selling or know how to win new customers or understand how buyers think. Most don’t measure customer delight.

Most are pretty good at making things but productivity is low.

Most small manufacturing companies have cash flow problems and high overheads.

Most small manufacturing companies don’t have any systems.

Most are not good at execution. Chaos is a word I hear a lot.

And then there are all the ‘soft’ issues that get forgotten. Leadership…culture…people development…motivation…managing change…teamworking and more.

Traditional consultants would argue they coach all of the above…but for many reasons they deliver solutions that don’t work or solutions SMCs can’t implement.

I’ve spent 10 years working with SMCs from 5 to 170 employees trying to develop a solution that will work. The result is the step-by-step interactive SMC Power Process.

Firstly…I had to provide Steps so people in SMCs knew what they had to do …knew how to do what they had to do …and made sure they actually did what they had to do. A total of 91 Steps in 13 monthly Packages.

Secondly…I built teaching and learning into the process. My discovery was that people would learn and change if they were taught by their peers…not by a consultant.

And finally…I priced the process at a fraction of traditional consultant fees…with pay as you go…only pay if you are happy…and no long-term commitment.

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